Carrion was the Mad Lord of The Festering Hive. 

He was the smallest of his kin, but in no way did that mean he was weakest. 

He was slain by the Haven Forces.


Carrion was a beetle, the size of a pebble. He had a jet black shell with a small horn, as well as glowing purple eyes. 

After devouring enough corpses, he drastically grows, becoming the size of a bear. However this is hardly the most prominent change.

Using a mass of carrion, the dark beetle creates a new "shell" for himself. This shell, takes on a completely new shape altogether. It becomes that of a colossal, bipel, undead creature that looks like an atlas beetle. It's carapace is not a hardened shell, but rather the carrion of all the corpses used to form it. However, the flesh is very thick, providing excellent protection. It has three mighty horns, as well as destructive pincers and claws. It also has enormous wings. Carrion himself is hidden away in the creature's torso, controlling it. 

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