Carniva Diabolique

Carniva Diabolique was the world famous traveling circus that stops in Haven once every five years. There are hushed rumors, frightful whispers and ghost stories that call it "The Cursed Circus." It was the modern day incarnation of the Tarpis Troupe, who by that point were The Clowns of Diabolique. It masqueraded as an innocent, fun and joyous carnival in the day, but after dark, their true colors half showed as an extravagant horror show with adult elements. Their main attraction during this time was performing violent, death defying acts on their visitors, who would emerge seemingly unharmed. They would later succumb to their wounds after they left. During their stay in countries, they would travel far and wide and slayed on a whim, but always far away enough that no attention or suspicion was drawn to them.