Flag of the Serrated Moon

Name: Calavera Pirates (Los Piratas de Calavera)

Captain: Hector "Fang" Cortez

First Mate: Hiraldo "Claw" Cortez

Ship: The Serrated Moon

Crew Size: 60

Territory: Costa Divina, Eastern Ulia waters

The Calavera Pirates were at one point, not too long ago (within a decade), the most powerful pirate crew of all time. Captained by not one, but two pirates who would go on to aquire the notorious title of "Pirate King", they were the lead crew of the legendary Cortez Clan and still are to this day. 

They were the most feared crew to ever sail the seas, yet they all but fell to legend after their destruction at the hands of the Haven Navy shortly after the start of the story. They have since returned, and are once again one of the most powerful pirate crews in the entire world.

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