Name: Brock Garean Valtali

Age: 31 (Debut at 29)

Status: Alive

Race: Vampyre

Family: Chelsea Graham (Love interest)

Occupation: King of The Westfold, (Former) Military General, King Reagent

Aliases: Lord Valtali

Birthday: March 4

Brock Valtali was a well-liked miltary general from the West, who was chosen to succeed Queen Mileena when she died, thus now being King of The Westfold. Though not of royal blood himself and quite young for the post, he nevertheless has the full support of the people in both military and governing matters. He was a main character in the Tides of Blood Saga, and has been a major protagonist since. He was present for the signing of the new Five Kingdom Alliance.

Appearance: Edit

Brock is 6'0, with short, tidy brown hair and beard. He carries a one-handed sword and a dagger.