Bounties are an amount of currency paid by the government or army for bringing in a wanted criminal alive, or their head, dead. Bounties are not mandated by the King. (At least not in the land of Haven) Most bounties are rewarded with gold, for it is the most common currency used throughout the world.

Bounties of over 100g can be considered somewhat noteworthy only locally, and are actually considered impressive in poorer lands such as Haven. Bounties exceeding over 1,000g are considered dangerous criminals known and sought nationwide, with gaining international level of notoriety when nearing 5,000g. People with bounties exceeding 6,000g are globally notorious and feared criminals, all of them being both incredibly powerful and extremely dangerous. Those with bounties exceeding 9,000g are considered the most dangerous criminals in the entire world. 

Current Bounty HoldersEdit

Hector Cortez - The Pirate KingEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 10,000g

Raith Duskfall - The Death GodEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 200,000 Kasos (Roughly 5,000g)

Hiraldo Cortez - Killer ClawEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 8,400g

Dahlia Cortez - The Pirate MistressEdit

Wanted Alive

Bounty: 8,160g

Sarah Duskwing - Angel of DeathEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 6,300g

Ezmeralda Cortez - The Pirate QueenEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 9,100g

Lucifer Deitus - The Exiled PrinceEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 666g

Helio, Hernando, Homero Cortez - The Brothers CarnageEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 1,500 each, 5000g if all three are turned in together

Dong Zheng - The Sun EmperorEdit

Wanted Dead 

Bounty: 9,550g

Tsao Sha - The HeadhunterEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 7,580g

Eduardo Vellatova - De TresEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 9,780g

Zhy - Dusk LordEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 9,115g

Sing Lao - Death SongEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 8,765g

Former BountiesEdit

Archerios Cloudsmith - The WolfmanEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 7,000g

Alexander Vries - The Scourge of HavenEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 2,500g

Taylor Verro - Of The DragonEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 1,900g

Pierce Verro - The Mad ScientistEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 1,901

Eamon Liandri - Don LiandriEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 5c

Bounty: 165,000 Ruki (Roughly 1,500g)

Mynna Avell - ShewolfEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 800g

Erykas LiandriEdit

Wanted Alive

Bounty: 1,350g

Arriana Skinner - AbominationEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 2,700g

Deceased Bounty HoldersEdit

Shadow - The Demon WolfEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 4,000g

Jeremy DeGrandi - The OutlawEdit

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bounty: 5,500g

Hernandez Cortez - The Pirate KingEdit

Wanted Dead

Bounty: 9,700g

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