Should the Kings and Beasts story ever become a video game, the following would be the game's boss battles.

Story Campaign Mini BossesEdit

These are the minor bosses fought throughout the story mode.

Note: These are not necessarily in order.

Captain JuliusEdit

Difficulty: 2/10

Ruben RoyalsEdit

Difficulty: 1/10

Doctor ElinaEdit

Difficulty: 3/10

Jonathan SkinnerEdit

Difficulty: 4/10


Difficulty: 4/10

Raphael DeitusEdit

Difficulty: 3/10

Amir ReEdit

Difficulty: 6/10


Difficulty: 7/10


Difficulty: 8/10


Main villains of the story. Again, not in order.

Gabriel DeitusEdit

Difficulty: 4/10

James PriceEdit

First fight difficulty: 4/10

Second fight difficulty: 6/10

Final fight difficulty: 7/10

Lucifer DeitusEdit

First fight difficulty: 3/10

Final fight difficulty: 6/10


First fight difficulty: 8/10

Final fight difficulty: 6/10

Dark PierceEdit

Difficulty: 7/10

Ganath Deitus - Final BossEdit

Difficulty: 9/10

Secret/Optional/Super BossesEdit

Bosses that must be found, or side quests or other objectives completed before fought.

Syllve Edit

Type: Optional

Location: Fight available after she joins you in story mode, simply talk to her and accept her friendly challenge

Difficulty: 8/10

Nariscia - Final FightEdit

Type: Secret

Location: Find her in The Black Woods after defeating Dark Pierce, must have finished the main story

Difficulty: 10/10

Ziara NightfangEdit

Type: Secret

Location: Accept her challenge after Alessia joins you in story mode, found in Darkwalker Throne Room

Difficulty: 7/10

Fang - Final FightEdit

Type: Optional

Location: Wake him up from a nap

Difficulty: 10/10


Type: Super

Location: Beyond the 1,000,000g door in The Manor, must have finished the main story

Difficulty: X

Raith DuskfallEdit

Type: Super

Location: Speak with him and accept his friendly challenge after he joins The Pack

Difficulty: Virtually impossible. This is literally one of the most difficult battles in all of gaming.

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