The Battle of The West (not to be confused with The Battle for The West), was the final battle of Aranos Rodes' campaign against Haven and its allies. It took place in the immediate area beyond Haven's main western checkpoint leading into The Westfold. It finished with an allied victory and the death of Rodes.

The battle began as a siege against Rodes' stronghold, being attacked on two sides by the forces of Haven and The West. However, due to the advanced weaponry at his disposal, and his military genius, both forces were repelled, and then forced to go on the defensive themselves. This offensive onslaught was so coordinated and planned out that within an hour, those who began the fight on the offense found themselves fighting for their very lives.

A forced retreat was called, and it looked as though Rodes' forces had victory all but assured. On the brink of defeat, a war horn was heard ringing out from the northern side of the battlefield, which soon became a deafening chorus. To the surprise and shock of everyone present, The Blackwing Tribe from the northern mountains arrived to the aid of their allies, and proved to be the deciding factor in battle. Even with his unmatched strategy in intellect, The Blackwing's forces were so incomprehensibly vast in numbers, that Aranos' army was swiftly overrun and defeated. 

Rodes retreated to a hidden estate, where the leaders of the allied forces followed and engaged in a final showdown with his monstrous Hybrid and the deadly Deborah. While Lyle engaged the werecat in a duel, the Hybrid would fight all the others on its own. Unstoppable even to the combined onslaught of Tara, Brock, Sean, Arriana, Kai, Moro and Nikolai, it wasn't until Lyle was able to drive one of Pierce's explosives into the beast's body that the terrifying creature was ultimately destroyed, with the explosion taking half of the entire estate with it.

Kai was the first to recover, and proceeded to find Rodes alone, overlooking the land beyond. After asking his creation if he was finally ready to do what had to be done, Kai mournfully killed him, putting an end to the conflict at last. 

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