The Battle of Haven was one of the largest battle in the story so far, and was the climax for the Ganath Saga. 


Alliance against GanathEdit


Leader: James Price

Commanding Officer: James Price

Army Size: 12,000

The PackEdit

Leader: Alexander Vries

Commanding Officer: Alexander Vries

Army Size: 9

The WestfoldEdit

Leader: Mileena Carrolan

Commanding Officer: Brock Valtali

Army Size: 18,000

Eamon WurldEdit

Leader: Asha Madrani

Commanding Officer: Ace Freeman

Army Size: 7,000

Jara'guar EmpireEdit

Leader: Ramo'ni Guran

Commanding Officer: Zhurong Razhari

Army Size: 11,000

McKinley PackEdit

Leader: Russel McKinley III

Commanding Officer: Russel McKinley III

Army Size: 3,000

Darkwalker PackEdit

Leader: Alessia Cloudsmith

Commanding Officer: Gror Duskbite

Army Size: 1,500

Cortez ClanEdit

Leader: Ezmeralda Montenegro

Commanding Officer: Fang Cortez

Army Size: 5,000

The DamnedEdit

Leader: Lilith

Commanding Officer: Archerios Cloudsmith

Army Number: Unknown, at least 10,000

Ganath's ForcesEdit

True HavenEdit

Leader: Ganath Deitus

Commanding Officer: Elomar Rodes

Army Size: 55,000

Northern RepublicEdit

Leader: Gregor Arlenkosov

Commanding Officer: Roman Arrego

Army Size: 30,000

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