Name: Barbossa Cortez

Age: 65

Status: Alive

Race: Human

Family: Cortez, Montenegro

Affiliations: Cortez Clan, Red Thorn Pirates (former)

Occupation: Semi-retired pirate, Captain of the Red Thorn Pirates (former), Captain of The White Widow (former)

Birthday: August 3

Aliases: Captain Barbossa, Tyce, Don Barbossa

Bounty: 35,000g

Barbossa 'Tyce' Cortez is the brother to the late Pirate King Hernandez, and the father of Dahlia and her siblings.

Barbossa was imprisoned within Hell Rook since Dahlia was 6 years old, and it was within the infernal prison he took on the name of Tyce. 

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Despite being locked away for almost all of her life, Barbossa still loves and cares deeply for his daughter. He was always proud of her, and knew that she would go far and live a life outside of the violence of his clan. While he doesn't know all the horrid details of what exactly happened to his daughters while he was gone, he knows his daughter butchered her brothers in the name of what he knows was justified revenge. He seems to have a friendly enough relationship with his daughter now that they've been reunited; she doesn't harbor any grudges against him and does occasionally go to him for advice. While he never wished the pirate life for his youngest child, he is nonetheless as proud as he could be for her becoming such a famed and feared pirate. 


Fang annoys his uncle greatly with his tendencies to act before thinking, but regardless he is still his nephew and he cares for him. However, he maintains a very tough love relationship with the infamous pirate king. 

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