Name: Azina Aniza

Age: 321

Status: Deceased

Race: Werecat (Cheetah strain)

Affiliations: Sun Tribe

Occupation: High Priestess of The Sun, Light Elemental

Birthday: June 21

Aliases: High Priestess, Priestess Azina

Azina was the High Priestess of The Sun in the Sun Tribe, and also the previous Elemental of Light.


Azina was, naturally, very lithe and slender as one would expect from a Cheetah. Her fur was very fine and yellow with black spots. Azina had long brown hair which was usually braided, and had golden yellow eyes. She stood at 6'7, and had very long and graceful legs.

Before she became the High Priestess of the Sun for her tribe, Azina wore very little clothing. More often than not she just wore a loincloth and a simple wrap over her torso. She has many beads in her hair wears sun fetishes around her neck, as well as golden bangles on her right wrist. 


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Abilities & PowersEdit

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