Name: Anon "Chuckles" Gerse

Age: 2032 (32 at time of death)

Status: Deceased, Summonable

Race: Undead (Wraith), Human (former)

Family: Tarpis Troupe

Affiliations: Tarpis Troupe, Clowns of Diabolique

Occupation: Jester

Birthday: October 31

Aliases: Chuckles, Shivy

Bounty: 370g

Anon, better known as the jester Chuckles, was a member of the famous Tarpis Troupe. Anon was stabbed to death and was reborn as the Wraith Shivy. He was the second of the dark clowns to turn protagonist, venturing with Mini to aid Vries in ending the curse. 


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"We have a turd in the punchbowl." -Shivy, regarding Vries and his fear of clowns.

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