Name: Angel Deitus

Age: 4 (Debut at birth)

Status: Alive

Race: Human 

Family: Michael, Melissa (Parents), Deitus Family

Affiliations: Kingdom of Haven

Occupation: Prince of Haven

Birthday: January 15

Aliases: None

Angel is the son of Michael and Melissa, and is the crown prince of Haven.

In the future timeline, he had lived to be over 100 years old, but had already passed the crown down to his twin children.

Angel is the first person in hundreds of years to exhibit Elemental powers by blood, while the current elemental is still alive. 


Angel has pale blonde hair, which is kept in a small, neat ponytail. He has hazel eyes just like his mother, and is usually seen with a fancy vest on. 


As a child, he is naturally innocent and curious. He has a very playful relationship with Michael's Eagle. 

Abilities & PowersEdit

Despite Michael being the current Elemental of Lightning and still being alive, Angel has already demonstrated having a small amount of power from the element. He has been seen sending small shocks of electricty to someone several feet away, and is able to statically cling to the Eagle.

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