Adamar *Stumpy* Rona

Name: Adamar "Stumpy" Rona

Age: 2041

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Age

Race: Werewolf

Family: Tarpis Troupe

Affiliations: Tarpis Troupe

Occupation: Mask Maker, Master of Plays

Birthday: September 15

Aliases: Stumpy, Diabolique

Adamar Rona, known as Stumpy, is the mask maker in the Carniva Diabolique. Hailing from a land outside of Haven, he was attacked by a feral Werewolf at a young age, and lost his right leg. He made a living in the circus as a freak show attraction, until Giggles befriended him, and is now a major character in the carnival, creating masks, and having important roles in the plays and shows. 

The sole survivor of the Tarpis Troupe massacre, he was responsible for returning his deceased kin back as malevolent Wraiths by creating their masks. His cursed name is Diabolique.

Adamar was one of the most tragic characters in the story. While it pained him seeing his beloved friends slowly go mad, he was too scared of being all alone to set them free. In the end, this damned his own soul to the darkness. 

However, his story, and that of all his kin, has a happy ending. Over two thousand years after their demise, the Tarpis Troupe was at last, ushered into their eternal peace. 

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