Walk Down Memory Lane - Read ALL newspaper articles.

New Sheriff In Town - Have Jessica join you. (Hidden)

Masters of Disasters - Have both Pierce and Amy in your party at the same time.

The Damsel and The Devil - Rescue Mynna from Raphael. (Story)

Rookie - Level a character to level 5.

Hotshot - Level a character to level 10.

New Kid on The Block - Level a character to level 20.

Bounty Hunter - Claim your first bounty.

Pockets. Many Pockets. - Get the maximum amount of inventory space. (Hidden)

Treasure Seeker - Amass a fortune of 100g.

Treasure Hoarder - Amass a fortune of 1,000g

Here We Go! - Pull off a Eamon - Vira combo attack. (Hidden)

Haven's Heroes - Have a party consisting of Price, Tara, Lyle, and Amanda. (Hidden)

Cortez Clan - Have a party consisting of all Cortez Pirates. (Hidden)

Mystic Spirits - Have Syllve join you. (Story)

Well That Went Well - Win a battle against at least 4 enemies with just one turn.

What Does The Fox Say? - Teach a Fox to speak. (Hidden)

Purple Rain - Equip a character with full Epics.

Doctor's Orders - Have Erykas join you. (Story)

Date Night - Have Fang join you.

I'm Never Eating Calamari Again - In a battle against at least 4 enemies, summon a tendril for every single one using Lilith. (Hidden)

El Rey - Find out who Fang really is.

I Say! - Anger Eamon.

I'd Rather Not... - Skip the battle against The Colossus by having Mileena defeat it. (Hidden)

The Guardians - Have a party consisting of 4 Tanks.

Ain't Got Time to Bleed - Have a party consisting of 4 Healers.


Veteran - Level a character to level 30.

Master - Level a character to level 40.

Three Months in The Nuthouse... - Have Arriana join you. (Hidden)

This Is Mine - Equip a character with their signature Legendary item.

Rise of The Ancients - Have the Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind Elementals in your party. (Hidden)

Defiant to The End - Have a party consisting of all Cloudsmiths.

Damsels Causing Distress - Have Lilith, Mynna, Dahlia, and Tara in your party. (Hidden)

The Avengers - Have Archerios, Vries, Price and Lucifer in your party. 

Treasure Addict - Amass a fortune of 10,000g.

Treasure King - Amass a fortune of 100,000g.

Dante - Defeat Lucifer. (Story - Hidden)

Rebel - Defeat Marshall Howlbane. (Story - Hidden)

Sangre Por Sangre - Defeat Admiral Joseph. (Story - Hidden)

Stoned - Defeat Grand Commander Price. (Story - Hidden)

Revolutionary - Defeat Gabriel. (Story - Hidden)

Black Widow - Defeat Dahlia (Hidden)

Beast Wars - Defeat King Ren. (Story - Hidden)

I'll Be Back - Defeat Anthony (Story - Hidden)

DENIED - Get wiped out the turn before Reckoning detonates. (Hidden)

We're All Mad Here - Defeat The Lich (Hidden)

This Isn't Canon? - Defeat a boss with that boss being in your party. (Hidden)

Cool Hand Alex - Defeat Trauma in the first encounter. (Hidden - DLC)

Big Fish - Fish up Dread. (Hidden - DLC)

Sushi Forever - Defeat Dread (Hidden - DLC)


Hero - Level a character to level 50.

Sir Eamonsworth - Amass a fortune of 1,000,000g. (Hidden)

WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? - Summon Shadow Jr. (Hidden)

Legend - Level a character to level 60. (Hidden)

As It Should Be - Acquire every character's Legendary item.

I Am Become Death - Lay Anthony to rest.

Hail to The King - Defeat Ganath and save Haven. (Story - Hidden)

The Longest Night - Defeat Legion and save Haven again. (Story - Hidden - DLC)

Apocalypse Now - Have Ana, Araseli, Amelia, and Amber in your party. (Hidden - DLC)


And So Ana Decreed... - Collect all trophies in Kings and Beasts. (Does not include DLC)

Well Played. - Defeat Raith. Cheater. 

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